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Charles Kane

is a Professor of Physics at the University of Pennsylvania whose research is focused on the
topological properties of electronic materials.

Andreas Ludwig

Joseph Maciejko

is a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Theoretical Science, Princeton University. His current research interests include topological phases of matter, interaction effects in topological insulators, fractional topological insulators, and condensed matter realizations of interesting phenomena in high-energy/particle physics.

Joel Moore

Xiaoliang Qi

is an Assistant Professor of Physics at Stanford University. Currently his research interest is on topological states of matter, quantum entanglement and holographic duality. (Homepage at the department webpage:

John Saunders

is a Professor of Physics, London Low Temperature Laboratory, Royal Holloway University of London. A current (experimental) research interest is in Novel phases of superfluid 3He confined in regular nano-scale geometries: model systems of topological quantum matter.